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Withdrawal limit update

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Hi, we have some good and bad news, the good news is HTX price keeps going up and its gaining more attention.

The bad news is one of our partners stopped running ads with us, which means we can no longer afford to pay withdrawal fee, if you look at our contract, we pay 0,0007 BNB for each withdraw, that in today price is about $0.25 USD.

We send  an average of 50 withdraws per day which is about $15 USD, we have barely made that as our traffic went low after the merge to binance + getting rid of bots and cheaters by removing the user to user payment option which allowed them to withdraw faster and made huge amounts of HTX that we cannot afford because it will lower our price.

our partner detected that our traffic is getting low and therefore not interested in doing business, but as you know we will not let our personal issues stand in your way, we have been working hard since 2018 for this.

While we are hoping for a good reply from our partner, we would like to adjust withdrawals to solve this issue.

each time you withdraw you pay 50000 HTX withdrawal fee which is in Pancakeswap price is about $0.25 which is only fair, we do not want to enforce anyone into depositing BNB and we know that so many of you sometimes don’t own any crypto.

So it’s better if you collect a good amount and withdraw like 200k 300k, no matter what amount you withdraw you will pay 50k HTX.

We have also raised the withdrawal limit into 100,000 HTX, that is only logical as we don’t want people to withdraw 50,000 just to get 0.

Thanks for being in this project and your continues trust, keep an eye on the new chain HTX price on poocoin its doing great!



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    I am not claiming 1500 HTX per day but 100 HTX per day.

  • Ogundairo Amudalat
    Ogundairo Amudalat

    What about people that withdraw to polygon and hasn’t reciev it yet

  • mark peters
    mark peters

    would still like you guys to bring back a direct withdrawel method in Eth or BTC from this site, direct to any wallet of our choosing,,, i will happly pay any costs involved, but i want a way to convert my HTX into either Eth or BTC without having to go through one of the exchanges you have as a option at the moment

  • Oluchukwu Perpetua
    Oluchukwu Perpetua

    How will I know if I have earned or not earned

  • David Ikokoyo
    David Ikokoyo

    I’m earnestly praying all this do not turn into a scam.
    My time now for almost a year mining religiously and then following your guide for withdrawal but no results up till now. You said it takes 3 business days to fund my wallet but nothing.

    I hope its not fake. Please don’t be a scam.

  • Cipriano Lomibao jr
    Cipriano Lomibao jr

    Thank you Hashtrust.io i recieved now my 100000htx coins withdrawal payment

  • Gianluca Anselmo
    Gianluca Anselmo

    Good luck

  • Ngô Đình Luân
    Ngô Đình Luân

    Mình thử rút tiền vào ví mà gần tuần ko nhận đc? Hướng dẫn mình với nhé.

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