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Withdraw Delay Solution

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Dear community,

The ethereum network is very bad currently and very slow we advice everyone who is mining her or in trustmine.io to not withdraw their HTX until the ethereum gas fees go down.

We have plans to make it possible to convert HTX into BTC or ETH on the site it might solve all the fees problems.

Stay strong and be patient about the withdraws and do not spam the support email, we know that you are waiting and we cannot do anything about it, all our transactions keeps failing and stuck for days look here:

or just see for your self https://etherscan.io/address/0xedbcc06b603ea1f512720a4073a62cc4fdefcb86

payments will eventually come when they confirm, it might take weeks.

But if ethereum keep failing and keep charging high fees, it will be HTX and Ethereum divorce and we will move to our own blockchain.


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  • Fikayo Dell
    Fikayo Dell

    Belifex exchange platform is not working at all,I’ve tried converting to ethereum many times(and reducing price at each attempt) but all seems to be a dead end cause they would not fill up a HTX that sells at 0.0008$ so can we get a new,better and more performing platform for exchange?

  • Mudassar Nazar
    Mudassar Nazar

    Good project

  • Isiaka Ibrahim
    Isiaka Ibrahim

    Nice one

  • Tốt Phan Minh
    Tốt Phan Minh

    Tôi tin tưởng dự án này
    Nhưng hôm nay toi đã quay bánh xe may măn thấy kim đồng hồ trên bánh xe chỉ trúng vào 1.0000B điều ấy có nghĩa là gì?

  • Thi Nhung Do
    Thi Nhung Do

    Hiện tại HTX được liệt kê trên những sàn nào ạ

  • Khanh Bui
    Khanh Bui

    Dự án ok

  • Tuan Doan
    Tuan Doan


  • Cristian Felisbelo
    Cristian Felisbelo

    Good Project

  • Wender Ferreira
    Wender Ferreira

    Poderiam utilizar a rede BSC.

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