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Why my balance is 0

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We have to make this follow up post for people who don’t understand why their balance became 0 on 1st of December and we promise you that it wont happen again.

As we have said its not our fault, but people have generated too much tokens, they have withdrawn them illegally, which means we did not had enough tokens to give anyone, so the only solution was to reset the website, install a new mining system that is more secure and create a new contract.

We know this is sad for you but its also sad for us, people withdrawn 12 million per day tokens, we simply don’t have that much.

We had another option which is to shut down the website but we have decided to start over and stay.

If you decide to start over with the new token we would be happy to make sure you earn faster and we are lowering the withraw to only 50k for everyone with only 5k fees.

if you don’t like this you will have no choice but to stop using our service, we really cant help you much.

Our team is not making any profits from this website we are simply keeping it alive for people who are not able to have any crypto currency because they are simply too poor so they can mine it here for free, the ads do not even pay the hosting fees of 30 USD per month, we barely make it to $1 per day.

Please understand that what you have lost are worthless tokens, even if we have sent it to you it would be equal to 0 USD, because people had millions of it and they have just dumped it on the market, we understand how sad you feel, but its not our fault, the best thing you would do now is claim and claim and claim free tokens in one month you will get more than what you have lost, because now you can be mining 24 hours straight instead of once per day.



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  • James Dennis Pizon
    James Dennis Pizon

    I had 150000+ that I collected and saved for more than. a year and just like that..

  • Tony Smuts
    Tony Smuts

    Seriously?? I’ve been part of HTX for over 5 friggin years!!!! Mining HTX almost every day, believing that one day we will get there, feeling that you would one day succeed in your endeavours and backing YOU. WTF for, to be told Sorry we zeroed everything you worked for because others are withdrawing millions of tokens???? That’s absolutely the biggest LIE I’ve ever heard. You wanted to give more because you had billions, now you Zero what’s taken years for some to acquire??? You have been nothing but a Waste of Time. GO TO HELL!!!! Keep your worthless Shit token for eternity!

  • Arniel Geronimo
    Arniel Geronimo

    It’s ok. Fresh start it is 😊

  • Vagner Correia
    Vagner Correia

    This proves that your token is Scan, why did you reset the balance without prior information? They should reward the people they were with. the balances in the account, they are making fools of everyone!

  • Vagner Correia
    Vagner Correia

    Y ‘ all don’t respect your followers and just reset the balance, I want my 150000 balance back!

  • MD Zohurul Islam
    MD Zohurul Islam

    I had 191000 tokens but it was deducted from my balance can I get my tokens back

  • Peteris Lizinskis
    Peteris Lizinskis

    I also had 500k and only twice sent them to my wallets and never sold any token, because the price was too low and I hodl all. It’s sad.
    My opinion is to disable withdraws now, till token shows up on some normal exchange, for example, like Binance.

  • Ratnakar Panem
    Ratnakar Panem

    I’m from India
    I lost some coins that I earned since 2018
    But i want to stay and continue mining..💙))..

  • Hai Nguyen Thanh
    Hai Nguyen Thanh

    It has been over a year now, diligently and diligently, not missing a single day. Hastrust is a 160k trust hastrust is now zero. Thank you for giving me valuable lessons, trust or not is up to each person’s ability. Thank you very much!

  • carlos martins
    carlos martins

    i collected 300000+ and when i sing in my value was in zero

  • Francisco Reyes
    Francisco Reyes

    no es justo dedicar tanto tiempo y no tener nada a cambio del trabajo y la fidelidad

  • Duong VanTinh
    Duong VanTinh

    Một cách nói vô trách nhiệm, với những người giả mạo và bất hợp pháp thì Team phải có biện pháp để ngăn chặn, còn những người khác thì phải được công bằng. Còn cách làm này thì đánh đồng như nhau, xóa bài làm lại!
    Đây là cách hành xử vô trách nhiệm, hay nói thẳng ra là lừa đảo!
    Hãy tẩy chay chúng, và nếu có thể, cơ quan có thẩm quyền nên điều tra và xử lý thích đáng bọn lừa đảo này để làm trong sạch thị trường!


    Tôi làm cả năm chưa rút lầm nào giờ tài khoản của tôi không có đồng nào vậy số token của tôi đâu tôi quá thất vọng về dự án này admin xem xét hồi âm cho tôi sớm

  • Dinesh shah
    Dinesh shah

    again it will happen than ? you will pay any way ? answer

  • Luong Nguyen thi
    Luong Nguyen thi

    Tôi rất buồn vì bị mất hết mà lâu nay khai thác.khong nhớ rõ nhưng phải hơn 80k.vi tôi chưa biết rú[email protected]

  • Uriah Barcus
    Uriah Barcus

    At least you could do is credit something back. That’s crazy… how can we even trust that you got it right this time???

  • Uriah Barcus
    Uriah Barcus

    Your making money off shortlink as well. What about my Refferals. Why can you not credit me for my Refferals?

    • hashtrust

      we are not making any money from this, it just pays the hosting, to be honest after reading all the hate we are thinking to shutdown its not worth it for us.

  • Ferdinand Milagrosa
    Ferdinand Milagrosa

    I have lost of almost 63,000 HTX for my everyday collected… Very disappointing of losing it all… I think this site is a Huge Scam…. Good Bye….

  • Rezaul Karim
    Rezaul Karim

    My all coin lost 1500000 why?

  • Wajid Masih
    Wajid Masih

    my balance was 89000 was lost now
    how can recover this

  • Kzzz Goos
    Kzzz Goos


  • Kalule Henry
    Kalule Henry

    This is a topical thief

  • Kalule Henry
    Kalule Henry

    You can’t believe it I mined for 2 years I lost 152000 equivalent to $1200 now you say bogas it is a shit mining foolish

  • Reche Ruaza
    Reche Ruaza

    Logged in everyday just to mine HTX useless

  • Bayani Garcia
    Bayani Garcia

    How to start again and install a new mining system?

  • komandor komandor
    komandor komandor

    I can’t start mining because it takes me to the exe.io page

  • Abubakari Laila
    Abubakari Laila

    Hello Admin! we are very sorry for what we did but we are with you if you give us another chance for us we promiss to be good guys


    Since everything has gone to zero how to start mining again

  • Ashiq Mir
    Ashiq Mir

    I have lost near about 145000 tokens so today I am very dissappointed.

  • Luca Zaninotti
    Luca Zaninotti

    Non mi pare corretto

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