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Web mining got removed

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We are sorry to tell you that web mining got removed, so many users was unable to use it and it caused so much slow down to hashtrust platform, we will add it back in the future when we make sure that it work 100%, we are sorry to cut the fun and if we caused you any trouble, we was working 24 hours to fix hashtrust and make it fast, but web mining was just too much.

We have 240 thousand members as of this date, and many online users, we don’t want hashtrust to be slow for them, if you want to see web mining again leave a comment below and tell us your opinion.

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  • Peteris Lizinskis
    Peteris Lizinskis

    Try to make downloadable HTX miner, it wouldn’t slow down hashtrust platform. That would be perfect!

  • Cryptonewz

    I think that it is a great start to a good platform but if its slow the system down then we dont probably need it but i would love to see come back.

  • Anjum Abbas
    Anjum Abbas

    Yes please open web mining again

  • anton svirik
    anton svirik

    Yes, I want to see web mining again

  • Neal Brown
    Neal Brown

    I like the idea of being able to mine Hash snd convert it to HTX. I have been mining a different coin on my MS Surface 24/7, but would much rather mine HTX even indirectly than the other coin because I have so much time, money and effort invested into HTX & HTXDIV.

  • yvan lm
    yvan lm

    tank you so much for your effort , I think the best would be a software so that everyone can mine on their PC, and eventually node , buy htxdiv is a best solution or directly integrated exchanges platform on the site , these are possibilities …that being said, thank you for an interesting idea for you would be to do some mining by asking in advance for each user to pay in HTX for HASH circular economy 😉

  • Richard Gudgeon
    Richard Gudgeon

    Great idea and I was mining on moderate, it did keep dropping out but the conception was very good, look forward to it returning. Well done.

  • yvan lm
    yvan lm

    Other idea status premium user ( of HTXDIV buyers ) which gives the right to mining on the site…it would encourage you to buy HTXDIV

    • Phạm Văn Hoà
      Phạm Văn Hoà

      Quay lại khai thác wed là cách tốt nhất để tăng thêm lượng HTX

  • pascal

    Bonjour , quel dommage , juste 24 hour de mining for free Tokens , and Stop !!!! Dommage , a suivre …… Retrait min 5000 HTX !!!!!!! (3870 HTX !!)

    Attendons de nouveau le mining pour pouvoir retirer les HTX !!!!!!

    Love Mining

    Start Mining ???????


  • amine lamered
    amine lamered

    I like to see mining again with new ways to do it . and to be fast &good luck

  • Hamza Aboumerouane
    Hamza Aboumerouane

    I find it so very cood and very cool, I like to see mining again with new ways to do it . and to be fast & good luck

  • ha kimchi
    ha kimchi

    Nice concept of mining in web but slow down the website. Now atleast the website can load faster after removing the mining feature because even the website was slower before and after installing web mining it become more slower. Thanks for the mining feature but my advice to Admin is to develop a new Anroid & IOS app to mine the Hashtrust tokens in mobile just as the people are mining the eletroneum that would be the best option for everyone no load on website and can update the website to make it more faster.

  • Andreas Wallner
    Andreas Wallner

    I would like to see web mining back also, did not had a chance to try it, but i realy would liket to mine it. Keep on going! Your project is on the right way I think!

  • krzysztof plona
    krzysztof plona

    I like this feature. It would be great to mine HTX in the future with my hardware. Regards

  • william swarner
    william swarner

    mine worked but never saw even one hash pop up even though i left the app running for a long period,so this version was maybe a lil buggy, but you’ll get it right my friends and i’ll like it when you do 🙂


    very interesting

  • EDILBERTO Castillo Cetina

    si quiero la mineria de nuevo, es genial,

  • hieu trong
    hieu trong

    Ples open it . It perfect

  • Muhammad Muchlis
    Muhammad Muchlis

    Yes, I want to see web mining again, please. Thanks

  • Sarvi Iraj

    It was great, I loved it so much. Assuming the hashtrust platform slows down, it may not work, but I would like it to run faster.

  • munish kumar
    munish kumar

    Yes please open web mining again

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