We are moving away from etheum

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This is sad news, hashtrust cannot afford the very high ethereum fees at this point ethereum is just not the way to go, but also we have good news, we are planing to launch our own currency, our own block chain and our own wallet, it might take few months for this operation to complete, meanwhile you can keep mining as usual and if ethereum ever gets low we might be able to send the payments.

We are still fighting and we do not want to shut down as we have a nice community and many people love hashtrust, we hope you understand what we are going through as this is a community project by people like you and it’s not a large cooperate company, when we started it was just a fun project that allows anyone to simple get free tokens and mine, and we came a long way since than as we got listed on many exchanges and changed so many lives and tough so many people how to use cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets.

Until than we are thankful for your understanding.


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  • Shubham Thakur
    Shubham Thakur

    I really appreciate you guys for everything you are doing. I am not much experienced, not as a trader, not even in basic crypto stuff. I hope you all find a better solution. I used to play a game that rewarded btc in coinbase – and I wanted to buy some hashpower, from this trustmine website. Indeed, i waited for months to gain like 3 usd in btc, it was tedious. I was hoping to collect 10 usd in btc in order to purchase the hashpower. I recently checked and noticed the unfortunate solution to prevent the value loss. It must have been a tough decision. I really appreciate the efforts you all make to save the value. Hope you all will make a grand comeback. And please! make an android app! It will be widely appreciated. With all my regards.

  • Owen Dack
    Owen Dack

    so what, all our tokens will just stop connecting to the blockchain? Everything is just going to be made worthless? Can we withdraw what we do have or is it pointless anyway?

  • Iye Pius
    Iye Pius

    I’m glad to be part of this project. Thanks admin.

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