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  1. Please make sure your BSC address is correct before you click withdraw.
  2. Download Metamask  or trust wallet, than add Binance smart chain Network to it using this tutorial.
  3. Withdrawals are sent every 1-3 days.
  4. To be able to see HTX in metamask you need to add HTX to your wallet, you need to add the symbol, our contract is
You need 50000 HTX balance or more to be able to withdraw.

You need 200000 HTX Minimum for withdrawal.
The withdrawal fee is 50000 HTX, the fee will go lower when HTX go higher in price.
For example if you withdraw 200000 HTX you will receive 150000 HTX. it’s better to wait and withdraw larger numbers to save on fees.
Please make sure your address is on the Binance smart chain network, You will lose your tokens if you enter wrong network address.

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