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Hello all we ask all to comment what new earning services do you like the most based on other sites wich you like to be developed on hashtrust. Waiting all ideas. Regards


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  • Simon Jarczok
    Simon Jarczok

    The most I like the ones that pay 😉 and you don’t have to spend half of the day by claiming or clicking.

  • Arifin Zuhdi
    Arifin Zuhdi

    doge coins sound very encouraging to be produced because they are very affordable at current prices, maybe that way can be considered

  • Majid

    If in your site mining bitcoin was 0.8$ daily its so good

  • Haze BTC
    Haze BTC

    🌟I think the website is great, just the way it is!🌟

  • Pascal

    Better lower the withdrawal amount !! 50,000 ! Shi.
    Forced to stop mining with my 4 X 2.7 GHz PC, otherwise I’ll be 10 months!
    Why did you change the withdrawal by 10’000 minimum, I could barely manage !! To update before losing many minors

    Ferait mieux de baisser le montant pour le retrait !! 50’000 ça va pas non !!
    Obligé d’arrêt de mining avec mon PC 4 X 2,7GHz , sinon j’en ai pour 10 mois!
    Pourquoi avoir changer le retrait de minimum 10’000 , j’y arrivais à peine !! À update avant de perdre beaucoup de mineurs

  • herihendrayana

    Saya ko gak di kasih jasih faswordnya ke gmail sayandah berhari hari. Aneh. Padahal pembeeitahuan. Air drop yang di kasih tau ada. Faswordnya gak di kasih

  • Yvan Lm
    Yvan Lm

    perfect hashtrust , staking and holders benefits also great

    • Igwe Valentine
      Igwe Valentine

      How much does hashtrust changes with ethereum on any of these exchanges

  • Marc Erno
    Marc Erno

    can you make a youtube channel ?

  • Malusi Mthembu
    Malusi Mthembu

    What is the minimum amount of withdraw here

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