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Promo: Earn 270,000 USD in 1 Year

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We don’t like scams or ponzi and never promoting them, this is a smart contract running on the blockchain, without a middle man so money goes from user to user, think of this like lending people money and getting double back each 100 days except it’s peer to peer.

  • Secure contract with open source you can audit and check it.
  • Peer to peer no middle man.
  • Contract can’t be deleted, it’s always on ethereum blockchain.
  • This is the new HOT thing in ethereum today and its going strong.

Please understand the risk that if people stop investing and new people stop coming you will also stop earning, this project is good while its still hot as of early 2020, might go well for next 3 years.

Hashtrust Admin

So first lets start by making your account, use our link not the site directly, this is very important, because Hashtrust promotion will get so many people to invest and you want Hashtrust to be your uplink.

Before we start you need Metamask for chrome browser OR if you are on phone you can use Trust wallet.

1 – click here to make an account. Simply join the site and pay the fee of 0.03 ETH, you can than upgrade all the way to level 5 if you want to get all your money back in 100 days, or you can wait for 100 days and only get 0.06 back.
Upgrading to level 5 is important to get 270k in less than 2 years.

2- You can wait 100 days to get your first 0.06 ETH back, but I recommend you send your referral link to 2 friends, when 2 friends join they will each send you 0.03 ETH, yes when they pay the site the money is going to your wallet actually from their wallet and is not passing by any third party or anybody else wallet, in fact the smart contract always have 0 balance.

3- Everytime you make profit you need to upgrade to the next level, you just go in and upgrade to level 2 than 3 than 4 than 5, it’s recommended at least to get to level 5.

4- Every 100 days renew your contracts.
Shortly you will be earning decent amount of traffic, another idea is to pay for sharing your link or sharing it on youtube, telegram, PTC sites etc.

We do really like this project, and personally as an admin on this site I have joined and upgraded to level 5 and as you can see from the following screenshot I gained back the 0.03 ETH in 100 days, because if you don’t get referrals in 100 days the system will give you 2 people automatically, so you never lose with this system.

I can say that this project can stay alive for more 3 years before people gets tired of it and stop investing.

To make your life easy I found a nice video on youtube explaining, after watching it you can register with our link here.

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  • Mohammed AlNajjar
    Mohammed AlNajjar


  • S Roy
    S Roy

    Promising Project

    • Noah Skrobecky
      Noah Skrobecky

      I’ve requested by email a answer to my question about withdrawal i followed every step every rule to the exact instructions still no htx in my trust wallet

      • hashtrust

        You only needed to wait 7 days.

  • Sergio Yuri Benros
    Sergio Yuri Benros

    is a ponzy

    • hashtrust

      Yes 100% ponzi, but not ponzi that controlled by one person so the money stay with people all time not in the contract or in someone pocket, this is like a ponzi but between people. this is why we love it huge profit and no worry about getting scammed.

  • hashtrust

    Thank you very much

  • William Silva
    William Silva

    Enviei o valor para a o endereço mais não abriu meu acesso para o saite?

  • Elsie Michael
    Elsie Michael

    Newly in the platform

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