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Dear HTX community, thank you for being loyal for a long time, our developers are working on the new blockchain, wallet and exchange, it should be ready for testing in late 2021.

As the old HTX was already withdrawn the new HTX will not replace the old HTX, the old HTX will still be tradeable on any decentralized exchange as a the original fork.

This is like Bitcoin and Litecoin, HTX and the new HTX.

Thank you for being part of Hashtrust we hope you keep earning daily HTX airdrop and save it for the future on our platform.

Ethereum daily mining is removed and any balance will be sent automatically if it’s more than the transaction fees, if you did not get your withdraw it means the transaction fee is higher and there is no point in sending it as it wont be able to cover the fees.

We have removed Ethereum because of the high transaction fees we do not earn enough from advertising to cover the fees.

We will be adding more ways to earn and use HTX very soon.



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