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New updates coming

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We have new updates coming soon, also we decided to keep the minimum withdrawal at 5000 HTX due to stability, when it was 1000 HTX there was so many requests and so many people don’t actually take the time to claim, so they can claim 1000 HTX daily and withdraw daily which is no problem at all but is unstable.

Also we would like any suggestions you want to see in the website.

We will also start contacting exchanges to get listed as we can see that there is a decent amount of holders now, we hope you also help vote for HTX on exchanges when that happens.

Also beware of scammers in chat, there is no moderator or secondary admin in chat, only admin is hashtrust and will not login daily as we have lot to do, it’s just a chat for miners to have fun and share knowledge.

Thank you for your support and lets get to the moon together.

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