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New Dashboard & New Faucet

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We have updated the dashboard to make it user friendly by dividing mining and faucet.

We have added a new exchange page, click on exchange HTX on dashboard and you will find a list of exchanges for people who did not know where to sell or buy HTX.

We have also made a new popup faucet where you can earn 50 HTX daily instead of 25 HTX but there will be too much ads on that page.

We have also reduced the number of ads on dashboard to make it user friendly.

More updates coming soon, stay tuned.

Hashtrust Team.

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  • Yury Charniankou
    Yury Charniankou

    We, your customers, have begun to earn less!

    • hashtrust

      We are not selling any products, you are not a customer you are a user, but if you buy contracts from trustmine.io than you become a customer.

  • Fikayo Dell
    Fikayo Dell

    Great job Hashtrust team,hoping for a better exchange platform like Latoken very soon.

  • Piero Penna
    Piero Penna

    Tanks for everyone

  • Josue Aguilar
    Josue Aguilar

    Nice love this faucet

  • Md Rahman
    Md Rahman


  • Houssem Teriaki
    Houssem Teriaki

    Who knows how to exchange 50000 HTX token..

  • mark peters
    mark peters

    It great that Htx has a $ value, but how much longer until we are to use our mining power to mine some tokens??, any update on the time scales for this to happen 🙂

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