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New Cryptlocex HTX Trading Pairs & Coming Latoken Launchpad

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Hi, we have some good confirmed news and some unconfirmed news today, on cryptlocex HTX have its own market & trading pairs now.


Also we have a meeting very soon with Latoken and HTX is hopefully coming to the launchpad.

Also don’t forget to sign our petition for getting listed on Binance, find it in our blog.

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  • Susan to
    Susan to


  • Reply

    Great news!

  • Simon Jarczok
    Simon Jarczok

    I have helped to stop these rumors about that Hushtrust is a scam on one of the forums. Thread about Hashtrust was marked as a scam and its not there any more. No idea why they marked it like that. Well its change now. Always had a faith in you. Now take us all to the Moon.

  • Kakwan ,
    Kakwan ,

    Harga htx masih jauh dari ceo

  • Wissem Kamel
    Wissem Kamel



    Good, very good

  • Seppe Wallaert
    Seppe Wallaert

    i have around 271 000 HTX, can i stake them somewhere? or do i. keep them locked up in my wallet

  • Muhammad prayoga
    Muhammad prayoga

    Good HTX….sukses…

  • Vicky Burute
    Vicky Burute

    Good news, HTX now trading on pro.bitphantom.io.

  • Reply

    Greetings, congratulations to HTX! I sent my tokens to CryptloCex and the first transaction was no problem, now for two more transactions I did, as I still have not received them. I have the hashes, which can be reviewed in etherscan, I have been waiting 6 days for a response from CryptloCex support and nothing. if someone could tell me how long does it take CryptloCex support to answer?

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