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Latest HTX withdrawals

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We paid today October 11, 2019 the latest HTX withdrawals requests, all info are public so anyone claiming this is a scam can see by yourself here : https://etherscan.io/tx/0x7ff90566cc36d38743da4ae4f6b944e7d2b75d2952854dd0254f23c4da985e9d

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  • mike som
    mike som

    No more HTXDIV?

    Address 0x2783d80bFCE1E1DE1D2B92039B668B3D4514e59A

    Last payout HTXDIV form 37 days 20 hrs ago

    • Bledar Tola
      Bledar Tola

      They will be start to be paid next week. Thanks

  • Pitar Cvetanov
    Pitar Cvetanov

    Good Job HashTrust Team :), keep up the good work.

  • Neal Brown
    Neal Brown

    I USED to be annoyed by the time delay that exists on sites like Hashtrust, that makes all payouts MANUALLY. BUT then I had a withdrawal on a different site that was ‘pending’, and they literally saved me $500 because they noticed that my wallet address changed AFTER I made the request. They CANCELED the withdrawal immediately, froze my account so nothing else could be changed against my wishes and contacted me.

    Since then I have a very keen APPRECIATION FOR THE DELAY OF MANUALLY WITHDRAWALS! So if you’re grumbling over the delay OR you’re thinking there’s something wrong just because the manual withdrawals take longer, how would you feel if they had automated withdrawals that happen overnight and someone charged your wallet address BEFORE the automatic withdrawal took place? Your coins would be GONE and you would NOT be able to get them back. Of course having 2FA or Google authenticator active on all accounts is not only wise but essential for YOUR protection.

    I will never grumble again over the time it takes fo sites with manual withdrawals to get my coins moved!

    Instead I will APPRECIATE the extra steps they are taking to try to ensure that our coins go where WE want them to and not where some criminal / scammer / etc. wants to send them.

  • Marina Titorenko
    Marina Titorenko

    Ребята, вы молодцы, только вот хотелось бы уже реальной прибыли, а ее нет, НТХ не продать, может подскажете что с ними делать? С уважением Титоренко Марина

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