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Introducing Manual Mining

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It’s possible now to make 50 HTX to 1000 HTX daily by manual mining, automining have been turned off and it has low rewards anyway, to prevent spam of course.

This is the final solution for everyone from now if you have 1000+ HTX you can click “claim manual mining reward” in your dashboard and claim daily 50, 500, 1000.

If you don’t have 1000 HTX you will need to build it up from faucet, refer members or buy HTX.

Thank you and enjoy!

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  • phattadon

    Looks great !

  • alexey tkachenko
    alexey tkachenko

    It is very bad (

    • Hayden Perrott
      Hayden Perrott

      What’s bad about it. One of the greatest ideas for a long time. Go and leave your sour comments somewhere else

  • Nguyen Phan
    Nguyen Phan

    Somewhat sad … not eating well

  • Precious Nchedo
    Precious Nchedo

    I love this

  • Augustine Awonusi
    Augustine Awonusi

    Good Team Work keep it up

  • Hayden Perrott
    Hayden Perrott

    Please keep this site up and running I could be the leader in how much coins I have I but I have removed my coin from the site and have them in my own wallet. I will be certainly buying more. Thank you and hope this goes to the moon.

  • hashtrust

    This site will never shutdown we have plenty of tokens to be mined and sold, with funds raised we will list the tokens in exchanges and launch the smart contract so you will not even need this website to mine, your tokens will grow in your wallet the more you have the more hash power you have, we will not stop until this project is a success, and with much support from the community this could be a huge success, why give up or scam people when we can make more profit by not scamming?? everyone can earn from this, I see many shit coins on the market that is being sold high in price with no real value or idea behind them, HTX at least have a great idea and potential, no more mining scams.

  • Hayden Perrott
    Hayden Perrott

    Exactly what I love to hear Hashtrust – “This site will never shit down”. You have convinced me, well actually you had convinced me on the first day I read about this coin. I keep saying, this is a great idea and is in a perfect market at the moment. So many bloody Scamming cloud mining sites that up and run with our money. I was getting so sick of it. Some would say this is to young to be sure and I would say “yes” but I invested in the idea not just to hash to make money. I invested in something original and look forward to pay day baby!!!! Keep up the hard work Hashtrust!!!!!

  • Muhammad ridwan abdul hamid


  • max dengin
    max dengin

    Something, a sixth sense maybe, tells me that this site will work very long and, most importantly, fruitfully and qualitatively. Good luck to you, guys! And prosperity to us, users!

    И для моих русскоязычных друзей:
    Что-то, шестое чувство может быть, подсказывает мне, что этот сайт будет работать очень долго и, главное, плодотворно и качествено. Успехов вам, ребята! И процветания нам, пользователям!

  • michele lazarus
    michele lazarus

    Great program !! Its one of the best out there !! And great referral program with it !!
    Thank u !!
    Michele lazarus

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