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HTXDIV is hashtrust dividend token. HTXDIV hashtrust token wich hold shares of hashtrust company.

HTXDIV cost $0.20, so in simple words if you buy 10 HTXDIV = $2 you own 1 share of hashtrust company

Hashtrust have different sources of income, starting from ads on site, other platforms investments, masternodes and other coins and different HOLDINGS.

Part of these source of income or to be exact 25% of income of last year ( 2018 ) was allocated to be given this year on ANNUAL DIVIDEND as you can see on FINANCIAL SHEET ( see link )

So how much you will get, and I will explain based on minimum investment. Minimum to invest is $2, means 10 HTXDIV or 1 SHARE, looking at FINANCIAL SHEET you will get $0.004217 in ETHER WEEKLY for each 1 share you own ( see link )

Now lets make a comparision.

Lets see one of the best Aristocrats Dividends ( ) Im talking about Realty Income Corp a REIT company wich has an increase of paying diviend for 23 years.

If you want to buy 1 SHARE of REALTY INCOME CORP will cost $71 at current time of writing ( )

And with 1 share bought  you will receive $2.71 in dividends YEARLY ( )

So now the comparision if you buy HTXDIV shares worth $71.

$71/$0.20 price of htxdiv = 355 , you will own 355 HTXDIV = 35.5 Shares

35.5 shares * $0.004217 ( payout for 1 share  ) = $ 0.149

$0.149 is paid weekly in ETHER, so $0.149 * 52 weeks = $ 7.748

So the total payment for 1 year will be $ 7.748  this is 290% more then a company wich is strong and increase their dividends for 23 years.

For sure we cant compare with REALTY INCOME neither we are not a get quick rich scheme, we work hard all days and our income is strictly managed and calculated.

People looking to get rich overnight should stay away from this site, better go and invest in false, fake and scam promises.

We have done so far 11 payments, we are very new yet but HTXDIV will be BIG.

We can manage for years to come these dividend payouts and also increasing them over time, you can yourself compare today payout per share today 29 MAY 2019 ( ) and looking in future at our FINANCIAL SHEET ( )

If still anything unclear welcome to write me ( [email protected]  )


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