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IF YOU HAVE A LOOK AT OUR HTXDIV FINANCIAL SHEET AT CURRENT MOMENT OF WRITING THIS ARTICLE THE ANNUAL DIVIDEDS PAYOUT IS $ 2,528 means you will get $0.004213 for each share you own. The goal for next month ( JUNE 2019 ) is to reach $3000 in annual dividends and to reach that we need approx $500 investment from new or current investors, if we reach that we will also increase annual dividend from our own shares by 300% .

See current annual dividend and projected annual dividend examples below

Current $2,528 annual dividend —>

Projected annual dividend if we reach another $500 for JUNE only —>

As you can see in screenshot if projected annual dividend is reached until JUNE 2019 share holders will receive $0.015 means +300% more they are receiving now in dividends.

In a few days i will prepare an article where i explain in DETAILS how HTXDIV works and why is better then any other investment.


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