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HTX Web Browser Mining is Back

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We took our experience and your advice to us to launch a new service called TokenMine.club, this service should help solve the problem of web mining we had last time, it’s faster and built for mining, we utilized the power of ERC20 token and Monero to create TokenMine.club and help you mine HTX using only your phone or computer, it’s simple you need to make a new account there and mine away, the mining is very fast and the fees of conversion is 0.

Join TokenMine.club and mine HTX!

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  • Mohammed Elshennawy
    Mohammed Elshennawy

    Yesterday’s mining was very good at low power and did not consume much processor capacity, but today it has returned to full processor power and slowed down the computer

  • Andreas Wallner
    Andreas Wallner

    Tried id out right away. Works good so far.

  • Peteris Lizinskis
    Peteris Lizinskis

    There is only one problem with that, need to restart miner many times in a day, because miner stops getting earnings.

  • paylos kanderakis
    paylos kanderakis

    how can i sent the token [htx] from TokenMine.club here in my account????

  • Tom Moc
    Tom Moc

    I reached 10000 HTX threshold and wanted to withdraw it. To my surprise there is no withdraw form available. I tried a couple of browsers both on desktop and mobile with the same result. Is it working at all?

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