HTX Staking is now possible -HTX price going up

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We have good news for everyone, the last couple of weeks have been exciting for hashtrust as we can see HTX Price is going up on exchanges and more people are trading HTX especially on Cryplocex and trexexchange.

We would like to announce that you can now invest HTX in Cryptlocex invest box and earn profits by staking it.

We would also take this opportunity to welcome our new hashtrust team member Johan, here is words from Johan him self and his story:

End november i joined a airdrop named Coindeal i had 100 free tokens and airdrop was going on i decide to sell it and send to Bitmex and follow my best friends trades.
It was succesfull trades were go great and my BTC was increasing i started with 0.003btc i send from Coindeal to Bitmex and trades goes good up to 0.4 BTC.
Meanwhile my balance was 0.20 0.30 i had to decide to make a backup plan if this trade goes wrong i decided to invest in TXTE TICO FET CLO Airdrop with a smal amount i toke away from Bitmex. I had alot of Tico TXTE coins and TICO FET and it happend i get rekt i lost my 0.4 btc in a bad trade on Bitmex I shorted while btc goes up .
Black day after i realised i had also hashtrust left. I had feeling i start to to something with i seen as experiance last time so i decide do something with it.
I contact admin of cryptlocex and to list Hashtrust and with success we have now 6 trade pairs.
Also i seen the investbox earn from Cryptlocex during the time i bitmex after i decided 2 days ago to make a plan for Hashtrust and from now Hashtrust is doing better than ever.
Alot is possible if you believe in your soul Make Hashtrust great again.

Johan Spaarndam Van Maastricht
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  • Susan To
    Susan To

    Terimakasih informasinya

  • Carlos Lopez
    Carlos Lopez

    is working? i have almost 2 weeks trying to register and they say they gonna send the email verification and nothing happend i already tried a lot times and i never receive any confirmation email
    there is no way to contact them too

  • Owen Dack
    Owen Dack

    also had same problem with trying to register, never get the confirmation email

    • Hashtrust

      Sorry for that we will contact trexexchange about it I am sure many are having this issue, but meanwhile use cryplocex as it’s working fine.

  • Chao Ma
    Chao Ma

    How to transfer air-dropped HTX to your wallet

  • Tokelo Matsi
    Tokelo Matsi

    How do i exchange HTX to BTC in cryptlocex?

  • Anselmo Ramos
    Anselmo Ramos

    isso e bom ,porem acho muito auto os valores para sacar gratuita, também achei embaraçoso as faucets
    também nunca recebi imail confirmação desta extrange

  • Igor Filippov
    Igor Filippov

    Hi, everybody.
    Exchanges-which dictate to customers at what prices they should trade – are a SCAM .
    Be careful with the exchange

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