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HTX Reward Halving

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We are happy to announce that HTX enters next stage of reward halving, all daily rewards are now half the amount, but also this will make the price go double the amount on exchanges.

Reward halving is important as the supply of HTX going down as it will keep a healthy economy and raise the price over time.

Another reminder to those who have multiple accounts, please do not create multiple accounts and only use one account we have banned today 131 accounts of people who is using multiple emails to claim, do not cheat one person is only allowed one account, and if you are one of the people that got banned do not contact us because we will not re-enable your account, the rules are not for fun, there is people earning here daily and slowly it’s not fair if you earn 1 million HTX per month, we have banned all the cheaters and rejected their payments and their HTX will not be able to be sold on exchanges as their addresses are black listed, dont be one of those people and stay legal, use one account and be safe.

As for the Corona virus update, we are sending payments as usual every week, our team is working hard during this bad times, but there might be some delays so just be patient and if your payment did not reach you in 10 days than you should contact support, we wish everyone safety, health and long life, wash your hands well and wear face masks, if you cannot find a face mask use alternatives suggested by the health department of your country.


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  • Reply

    Thank you for your fairness and good wishes. I am very pleased to work with you.

    • Reza Dibazar
      Reza Dibazar

      Why your price htx not really ?
      When htx find really price anf list in cryptocuŕency?

  • merlita carsa
    merlita carsa

    131 cheaters huffff they are more dangerous than covid😣😣😣 thank u for the updates hastrust stay safer from both of them

    • Moch Salahudin GP
      Moch Salahudin GP

      Terima kasih HTX , saya merasa terhormat Dan beruntung bisa bergabung dalam project ini , satu keyakinan saya adalah hashtrust HTX ini akan berjaya dalam 2 tahun kedepan Dan akan masuk dalam jajaran 50 crypto currency terbaik dunia , Amin.

  • Aleks Olshansky
    Aleks Olshansky

    Forward HTX – HASHTRUST forever!

  • Larisa Shchukina
    Larisa Shchukina

    Thanks for your work!
    Health to all in this difficult time!

  • cafer sasmaz
    cafer sasmaz

    the best team

  • Wissem Kamel
    Wissem Kamel

    Thank you

  • Mut Rofin
    Mut Rofin

    Ok all this for the sake of a fair economic policy and the welfare of users. thank you

  • jose jimenez
    jose jimenez

    gracias y saludos

  • Patrick Rogers
    Patrick Rogers

    1 million htx a month like are u joking? how was this possible ?

  • Hung Nguyen
    Hung Nguyen

    Sao khai thác htx quy đổi thành tiền không được vậy

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