HTX New Blockchain & Web Mining

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We are glad to announce that we will be releasing our own blockchain as soon as next month, this will automate withdrawals and minimize fees to zero fees.

Our engineers is working hard to get this done in time and making sure the blockchain is secure.

A new feature also have been added which is web mining, it allows you to mine hashes on your browser and convert them to HTX, which can be good for users with good PC’s or Phones, you can run the page 24 hours to maximize earnings.

You can find the web mining button on your dashboard.


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  • Moon Namgung
    Moon Namgung

    Congratulations on the launch of the hashtrust blockchain.
    I wish Hashtrust Blockchain a great success.
    I am also grateful for the hashtrust Team work.
    hashtrust Team, always be happy

  • Ibnu Sabil
    Ibnu Sabil

    Gud nice

  • Joaquín Vásquez

    Bendito sea Dios. Bendiciones por el trabajo que están haciendo. Están haciendo historia. Ya estamos cansados tantos engaños en la red, pero ustedes se han ganado la confianza de la gente. ¡Bendiciones!

  • Jose miguel Zalazar
    Jose miguel Zalazar

    excelente firme junto al proyecto vengo reclamando todos los dias duramente esperemos que esto vuele

  • Tauqeer Ahmed
    Tauqeer Ahmed

    Dear Sir Plz Reply Me My email I email You i withraw 71000 HTX but Not Received My Hashtrust Wallet
    Plzzzz Reply Me My Email is
    [email protected]

    • Navita Kaushik
      Navita Kaushik

      Hi team hashtrust

      Can we send HTX token to other hashttust user?

  • Cornelius Parantean
    Cornelius Parantean

    Siap… Kami tetap setia menunggu

  • Elan Catanduanes
    Elan Catanduanes

    On which exchanging platform htx will be listed?.

  • Phattadon

    How do i sold my htx ?

  • Barkat Jadgal
    Barkat Jadgal

    love you soon much hash trust

  • Jumadi Jumadi
    Jumadi Jumadi

    why is there no web mining button on my account?

    • Hashtrust

      Web mining round is over, another one will start soon with same balance.

  • Abhyudaya Srivastava
    Abhyudaya Srivastava

    I am delighted to hear this.

  • Arif ali Khan
    Arif ali Khan

    Oh, yeah. Very nice . I am glad. Thanks.

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