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We are glad to announce that hashtrust network expanded, we purchased a new site called DIROPIA

What is DIROPIA? At Diropia you can turn your ideas into cash, diropia is an social network Q&A site where you will be rewarded for asking, answering, voting and interacting with each other.

We at Diropia have a mission and a goal, we want everyone who needs answers to difficult problems to find them, everyone who needs knowledge to find it, and to reward knowledge providers with real money, we pay for your answers and interactions with the site, diropia`s simple yet powerful.

The power of asking, of curiosity, and the power of knowledge and money, this is the only knowledge directory that pays it’s users with points that can be converted to money,  be it bitcoin, ethereum or Diropia tokens it’s up to the community to decide in our public poll.

Join us and help people in need, or get answers to questions be it simple funny questions or real life difficulties.

When you are really stuck on something, when you need help, when you need guidance in life, when you can’t decide what to wear for your next date, or what to do so you can pay your rent, the sky is the limit, Diropia and it’s community will be here for you, for deeds, for fun and for profit.

Do something productive today, something to be remembered by.

Currently Diropia is at AIRDROP phase: DGX Airdrop – Get Free 5 DGX Coins (≈5 USD)

Join Diropia airdrop, all you need to do is to register and you will get 5 DGX coins diropia official token, refer more members to the site and earn referral rewards.

Diropia pays it’s users to ask questions, answer questions, view questions and refer new users, the highest paying is referring users.

Diropia pays in Diropia tokens (Diropian Gold) or DGX

All you need to do is to bring referrals or ask and answer questions, while learning something new and helping other people you also make money.

You also earn points, the more points you have the more of a chance of earning higher in the future. We expect many of our loyal HASHTRUST USERS TO JOIN

JOIN TODAY AT DIROPIA : https://diropia.com/

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