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Hashtrust is not a scam

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Today we want to write about the rumors circulating around Hashtrust as there is some members calling it a scam.

They clearly does not understand Hashtrust, they only care about making some quick money and they are the reason why HTX price is low.

Hashtrust is not a company that is taking your money for mining, Hahstrust is a place that provides a currency HTX for free, anyone can mine it daily for free, we started this project to fight cloud mining scams that takes money from people and give them nothing in return.

But you must understand that because hashtrust is free, people must work for it, people must tell their friends about HTX, people must buy HTX to help raise it’s price from exchanges, because if everyone wants to sell, there will be never any going up, we advice everyone to sell HTX for 0.08 USD to keep value up as the ICO last year price, but people are selling 100,000 HTX for 2 USD and than come here to complain it’s scam.

This is not logical and unacceptable, this is a strong bold message to every HTX user, if you want to be part of our family and make money from HTX, if you believe in the future of this currency and don’t want to give your money to cloud mining scammers, than support us with good words, if every one buys 1 USD only worth of HTX from exchanges or from each other the price will go up, but if everyone want to sell, if everyone thinking selfish, how do you expect us to progress.

Anyway with your help or without it, Hashtrust is still one of the biggest mining sites on the web, we are ranked 40,000 globally, which is even a bigger community than IOST ranking only 97,000 this means there is more people in the world that knows about hashtrust and never heard of IOST one of the biggest currencies in the market.

We are really offended and ashamed of such behavior coming from our community, we did not expect this words from people after working hard to help you earn for 2 years, we spent thousands of hours working on this project, sending you payments, responding to support requests, fixing your problems, and showing you nice ways to earn.

We only needed your support to raise this project, not your money.

Today we want to tell anybody who is calling hashtrust scam, we don’t want you here, you are not welcome in hashtrust, you see we are not sorry to tell you to leave, hashtrust is not weak, leave the site and after few years when HTX is trading high in market don’t cry about it, don’t regret leaving, and don’t ever come back, and don’t spread your poison and fears in the good people of our community.

And for our supporters, give us your hand and lets together seek the future of hashtrust, lets work hard defending our community, hashtrust is not a person, not a company, hashtrust is an idea, hashtrust is a lifestyle, hashtrust is 250,000 good members, we are one of the strongest earning communities on the world, there is more visits to this website than bitcoin website it self, vote for our listing, trade sell and buy HTX, and don’t let anyone call your home a scam.

Instead of calling hashtrust scam, go work your part in the community, if everyone is being selfish, nobody will make money.


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  • Erin O'Riley
    Erin O'Riley

    I wish I would have found out about htx and HashTrust.io when you first started I enjoy this site all the people that I know that own htx have nothing bad to say about it and neither do I 🙂 thank you very much for making me a part of your family!

  • Susan to
    Susan to

    Semoga hashtrust jaya pak dan htx lancar amin

  • EglÄ— NarÅ¡tienÄ—
    Eglė Narštienė

    I believe in hashtrust and I wish the best to team…

  • Owen Dack
    Owen Dack

    if people dumb enough to place a sell order at such a low price they only have themselves to blame. I always set any sell order I make above the current price and wait for the price to reach what I want. Why on earth would you sell 100k of any coin for such a dumb price? ROFL, Hashtrust did they’re part and gave the guy the coins, I bet the guy who bought them is wetting himself.

  • yvan lm
    yvan lm

    Hashtrust not a scam , Keep fishing, stay cool. the future is in front of us

  • Macdonald Bereiweriso
    Macdonald Bereiweriso

    To the Hashtrust TEAM, I believe in you guys, many users of your platform believe in you. We are very ready to support you all the way, just tell us how and we will do. Thanx for this great platform

  • Mohammed Elshennawy
    Mohammed Elshennawy

    Dogs are howling and the caravan runs non-stop

  • nabil abu saif
    nabil abu saif

    I wish you a brilliant future, a good and honest project, and I wish the team further progress and success

  • Dexter Catan
    Dexter Catan

    People makes the future, if they’re selling in dump price, then they must be the one to be blamed why the exchange price is very low, if the sell order is high then the price will go up,
    How come that they can’t understand? Why greed of money?
    For me, i really believe in hashtrust, even though I’m new here and just holding 50k htx, I don’t want to sell it, instead i want to hold it and sell it jn future, I Know that there will be a big change in htx when mining will be finished.

  • ha kimchi
    ha kimchi

    Thank admin, I believe in this project.

  • Alex Brain
    Alex Brain

    How to withdraw HTX ? What condition?

    • Ayeni

      Pls have not see my withdraw in my wallet

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