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Hashtrust.io HTX Decentralized Cloud Mining Airdrop

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https://Hashtrust.io is the first project to attempt creating a fully decentralized cloud mining, by creating HTX and ERC20 token that holds hashing power and grows over time, there is 1 billion HTX tokens issued in the ethereum network:

Cloud mining is super cool and easy for people with no knowledge or finances to purchase expensive hardware usually with no minimum, but there is so many problems with current cloud mining sites.

Problems we are trying to solve at hashtrust.io:

  • Cloud mining often is a scam, we want to create something decentralized that nobody can control.
  • Cloud mining companies can pull the plug anytime when they see that its not profitable, they can also terminate any contract without warning.
  • Cloud mining takes a big cut of the mining for maintenance fees and electricity, its too bad that some cloud mines ROI in 3 years or never.
  • Cloud mining sites are made so the owner earns the most, they buy hardware with your money, and they get to keep the hardware when you are out.

What bout hashtrust?
Hashtrust is an ICO, but also a fully functional mining site for now, the purpose of the ICO is to raise enough funds to create the smart contract that will do whatever the site is doing right now but in a decentralized way, this means contracts and mining will be doing its work in the blockchain, cannot be modified by the creator or anyone else.

How many HTX can be mined:
1,000,000,000 HTX is available, once the mining is over, you will be only able to buy/sell tokens no more mining, if we created infinite number of tokens than it will have no value.

What about the airdop:
We want everyone and anyone to enjoy mining HTX even if they don’t have money to invest, so we are giving away the following

  • 100 HTX for registration
  • 10 HTX for each member you refer in the affiliate program.
  • 0.001 HTX for each visitor that clicks your link, and didn’t signup.
  • more than 10000 HTX in achievements, this you have to discover your self.

Questions and answers:
When will I be able to convert HTX to BTC
this feature is for the future, right now you can withdraw your HTX to you ethereum wallet and sell them on etherdelta or wait until we get approved in more exchanges, we cannot afford giving away BTC right now as the project is still new, this feature might be replaced soon with an official exchange, so don’t put high hopes on it, we are honest with you, but we promise that we will do our best to make HTX very valuable and profitable for you, also we might activate this when we start earning enough from the advertisements on the faucet, so its a win win for everyone it’s free money, enjoy.

How can I withdraw HTX?
Once you reach 1000 HTX you can request a withraw from dashboard, it will take from 1 hour to 3 days, we have a small team right now be patient, also we are paying GAS fees for you, so you get your tokens free of charge.

Why hashtrust.io was built?
To be honest for fun & profit, I love the joy of cloud mining even I own a small real farm, but there is great joy in using web interface to interact with your miner watching numbers grow, but its risky and scammy, I decided to make something better, that is risk free, decentralized , that I would enjoy and people also enjoy and build a small community around that, this fun little project might be the future of cloud mining, and in time it will force the big mining companies to go decentralized, and finally stop scamming everyone.

Any more questions, contact us on the page or leave a comment

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