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Hashtrust HTX Listed on McAfeedex, Saturn Network and CoinRanking

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Great news for Hashtrust community, you can now trade HTX in McAfeedex at the following link


Also HTX is now listed on Saturn Network

HTX is also now in tracked at coinranking with price of 0.01 USD meaning that more exchanges will list HTX, check the link below.


HTX is coming to bigger exchanges soon and will target bigger markets:

Chinese Market
Korean Market
India Market
Arabia Market
Indonesia Market
Vietnam Market
Russian Market
European Market
Brazilian Market
South America market
Asian Market.

Hashtrust team

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  • Owen Dack
    Owen Dack

    I’ve just seen todays trading volume and almost collapsed laughing. So many idiots selling their HTX off for next to nothing and wasting all the time they put into earning it. Personally I’m with the guys that are buying it off them, rofl. A lot of people throwing away a good thing because of stupid, ignorant greed!

  • Mohammad Andriansyah
    Mohammad Andriansyah

    good news…!!!
    admin please banned spammer in telegram group, thxs

  • yvan lm
    yvan lm

    ridiculous to see the number of idiots selling at such low prices, you should hard the daily claim to calm them down a little boy , divided by 2 the claim to excite the weak hands πŸ˜‰ I’m concerned when I see the prices I decided to bring back the htx on my wallet.

  • Jan De Ruige
    Jan De Ruige

    Good to see this

  • Deither Catan
    Deither Catan

    Hahahah I’ve been claiming htx everyday and having hard time just to collect, so I’ll never sell on what they give price on market, so low, maybe i buy someπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚, what an idiot people, they wasted there hard Earnings

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