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Hashtrust Bitcoin/ETH/HTX Mining Farm Launch – Trustmine.io

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Good news for everyone, we have launched our full dedicated mining farm leasing hardware from big provider Bitmain. (not cooperated).

Go to Trustmine.io now

You can now mine Bitcoin/Ethereum and HTX for 3 years with the highest profit and cheapest electricity (almost free).

This is very good for Hashtrust project because this is the beginning of raising HTX price and overall health of the project.

This is a legit cloud mining platform by Hashtrust it self, this is a project from you the community, and it’s highly profitable.

Here is how you can make money from Trustmine.io

For crypto starters

If you just started with crypto or you don’t have money at all (happens to all of us), don’t worry, you will be able to join our referral program and invite you friends and tell them about hashtrust project and why they need to invest, you will get 10% instantly after their deposit, collect only 0.001 BTC and you will be able to withdraw.
After you withdraw you can than use it to buy hashing power and earn bitcoin for 3 years for free with only one contract!
Yes! it’s very good especially when bitcoin halving comes and price goes up.

Go to Trustmine.io now

For All investors

Big investors will enjoy earning on their investments better than any other website, here is why:

  • Hashtrust.io have been online for 3 years and paid more than 1 billion tokens and is very trusted with 250,000 members.
  • Our hardware is stable and leased and hosted by Bitmain.
  • Cheap electricity thanks to HTX & Altcoin stacking.
  • Multiple options for mining.
  • Long term contracts of 3 years!.
  • Secure platform, 2FA, SSL Encryption, Stable earning and payment notifications!.
  • Coinbase payments for fast and easy payments.
  • Earn HTX faster than before.
  • Premium support.

Go to Trustmine.io now

For Hashtrust fans

You love hashtrust? we know you do! because we love you too, to all our best fans you can deposit and earn HTX daily without the need to claim, 3 years of free earning and you only pay the contracts once! and only 1000 HTX minimum withdrawal, what are you waiting for?

Go to Trustmine.io now

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  • Mohammed Elshennawy
    Mohammed Elshennawy

    very amazing news ,good and diligent team

  • Peteris Lizinskis
    Peteris Lizinskis

    Amazing news. It would be great if there would be possibility to sent htx there instead of btc to buy contract)

    • hashtrust

      That option already available in cryptlocex and its called staking.
      HTX mining on Trustmine is a premium feature for people who do not want to claim here manually and for people looking to invest and help HTX grow.
      in the future when you guys stop selling HTX for cheap and decide to make the price higher we will contact coinbase to add it as an option for payment so we can get USD and buy 50W ERC 20 mining tokens.

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