FREE Web Mining is Back – Instant withdrawals!

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Yes you can now use your PC, Phone, Laptop or whatever device with a CPU to mine HTX, as we promised you we have built a fast platform that can take as much miners as possible and also all withdrawals from WebMiner to wallet is instant!

You can earn and reach the minimum payout faster probably in days instead of months!

You can find the WebMiner button on your dashboard or visit this link:

Please note that you have to create a new account on that URL using the same email you registered on Hashtrust.

To the moon!


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  • Heber Adao
    Heber Adao

    I’m not able to register on the web miner, can you help me please?

  • Charles okechukwu Ogbonna
    Charles okechukwu Ogbonna

    Greetings, please can you explain to me more on how to make my withdrawals on htx with the attached fees. I have tried severally but unable to understand the system and get through. Please give me little more details. Thanks

  • ‪Mohamed Mahgoub‬‏
    ‪Mohamed Mahgoub‬‏


  • Oguzhan Başıbüyük
    Oguzhan Başıbüyük

    Sushiswap does not work, it says there is no liquidity, what should we do?

    • Hashtrust

      add liquidity or wait for people to add liquidity.

  • Kanu Ogarekpe
    Kanu Ogarekpe

    When can I withdraw my earnings

  • Kiyanoosh Ghazinezhad
    Kiyanoosh Ghazinezhad

    Hi, I want to make a withdrawal, but there is no place to enter the wallet address and the ceiling is high. Please solve these problems. I have been here for a long time, but because of these issues, my motivation has decreased and I will enter less. Thank you.

  • Kiyanoosh Ghazinezhad
    Kiyanoosh Ghazinezhad

    Do something to motivate new or old members

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