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Free Mining of RUB Coins Without investment and conversion to USD

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Hi, today we come to you with a new earning platform that allows you to start mining and grow your mining speed slowly without even investing.

Just follow the steps below for easy earning daily and no minumum withdraw you can actually withdraw to your balance each time you have 0.002 USD which is crazy.

1- First if you do not have a Payeer wallet you need to create an account in Payeer by clicking here.

2- After creating your payeer account please remember your ID and save it somewhere safe because you will need to use it for login to the mining site, payeer is very good and can exchange USD/RUB/BTC/LTC and many more without the need of a bank account.

3- Make sure your browser can translate Russian you can use Google chrome to register on the mining site here and login using your payeer ID that looks like P10498577 simply by clicking here.

That’s it you will earn daily, you can collect the RUB coins and just buy more speed or you can withdraw them every time you have 1 RUB directly to your Payeer from there it can be converted to bitcoin, litecoin or usd.

That ruble mining site is just a simulated economy and been online for more than 1 year and can profit it’s owner and the users because of the advertising network profits, referrals and investors, but this is not an investment advice, we only advice to earn for free, but if you like the project and would like to speed up your mining with some real cash do it at your own risk.

Regards and we hope that we always come up to you with good earning opportunities.

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  • Emmanuel Rosset
    Emmanuel Rosset

    cool thank you

  • So Le Van

    Thật tuyệt vời chỉ có năm 2020 mới có dự án khai thác tiền xu mà không cần đầu tư và chờ đợi thời gian rút

  • vishal kharbanda
    vishal kharbanda

    I am not able to translate whole site from google translator. Small window appears when i click on google translator ext. shows type a “word” or “phrase”.why this happened.Please tell.

    • hashtrust

      Use google chrome browser don’t use google translator, the chrome browser will translate automatically.

  • Priscila Alcaraz
    Priscila Alcaraz

    Hi!Looks interesting😊

  • Malik Tipu
    Malik Tipu

    its cool and thanks for such earning opportunity. Regard

  • Octavio Jimenez
    Octavio Jimenez

    en ese sitio solo se puede extraer si pagas con un deposito de 5 rublos como minimo

  • Octavio Jimenez
    Octavio Jimenez

    cuando vas a extraer te dice:
    ¡No hay suficientes puntos!
    ¿Cómo conseguir puntos?
    y entonces te manda para la ayuda de como obtener pntos, yo tengo mas de 20 rublos y no he podido extraerlos

  • Octavio Jimenez
    Octavio Jimenez

    En estos momentos acabo de extraer 1 rublo porque como nada mas tengo 1 punto, eso es lo que me deja extraer para payeer

  • Gennadii Turkunov
    Gennadii Turkunov


  • Collins Ubah
    Collins Ubah

    Glad to be part of this. Thanks.

  • Erin O'Riley
    Erin O'Riley

    So can people from the United States acquire a payeer account?

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