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What is HTX?

HTX is ERC20 ethereum tokens that is mined for free on our platform by claiming daily, without deposits or investing anything.

How to withdraw HTX?

You need to collect 15000 HTX to withdraw, this is to protect the network from spammers who create 1000 accounts to claim and withdraw, also to lower the cost of the transfer fees.

What if I send tokens to another wallet “Not trust wallet”?

Than you will lose all of your tokens and it cannot be brought back.

Am I allowed to have multiple accounts?

No and you will be banned forever if you do.

My withdrawal is taking long

Withdrawals take usually 7 days but if it take longer maybe you used wrong wallet, you can only use trust wallet, if you send tokens to an exchange or any other wallet you will lose it and we cannot help you.

How to sell HTX after withdraw?

You can sell HTX on cryptlocex or bitphantom or many other exchanges just search for them.
You can sell HTX for any price you like but we recommend you keep the price at the equivalent $0.08 USD in Ethereum, this is to keep the price high and stable and keep everyone at profit.

What happen if I send HTX to a wallet that is not TRUST wallet?

You must always use https://trustwallet.com/ it’s the only wallet supported by hashtrust, if you use any other wallet you will lose your HTX and we cannot recover it for you.

If you are a PC user you can use metamask and add a custom token with the contract 0xedbcc06b603ea1f512720a4073a62cc4fdefcb86.

What if I don’t understand how to trade HTX or setup a wallet?

In this case please read more about ethereum and ask your friends or other people in forums or chat, try to learn the basics of trading, we are sorry that we do not provide teaching service, we get so many support requests and we do not have time for this.

Is hashtrust a scam?

Hashtrust is free, anyone can claim HTX daily, it’s an ERC20 tokens like any other etherum based coins/tokens, it’s listed on all decentralized exchanges and some centralized exchanges, the price of it is defined by the users and community, we do not accept deposits from users, we will never ask you for any form of coins or money.

What is HTXDIV?

HTXDIV is a partner program that is not directly affiliated with Hashtrust, it’s a low risk, low income investment, we highly recommend you reach HTXDIV team if you have any questions about it at their contact email: [email protected]

Programs advertised by Hashtrust

Please understand that our website have advertisements and posts about other projects that we are not related or affiliated with, if you are going to invest on any project understand the risk that you might lose your money, we must only advertise any programs to keep hashtrust online and to get some profit to liquefy HTX transaction fees.


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