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Ethereum Gas Prices Effect on Hashtrust.io

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Dear Hashtrust members, Ethereum gas prices are very high, when sending tokens you need to pay $5 usd worth of ETH on each transactions, kindly do not withdraw now until gas prices are low, we pay max 20 GWIE which is $2 usd at current prices and it will keep failing and keep causing us loss of money we need to make this website successful, keep watch on gas price, when it go low than withraw, and the best solution will be keeping your tokens no the website wallet for now, which is more economical for us and you.

Also to keep hashpower available you can pay with Bitcoin and Litecoin too, do not use ethereum for the moment the fees are so high, until further update, the reason why the ethereum network is so slow and expensive is because of a Chinese exchange using Ethereum to vote for listings, and they do this everyday 24 hours, we hope that they finish what they are doing sooner.


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