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How to provide liquidity

Liquidity is important for HTX project, without your help we cannot grow HTX into a market and go to the moon, therefore if you would like to provide liquidity to SUSHI SWAP and you can withdraw your liquidity anytime you can invest 50/50 ratio or HTX/ETH or HTX/MATIC and earn 0.25% on fees every time someone sell or buy HTX.

1 – You need a meta mask wallet with ETH and HTX, or if using polygon network MATIC and  HTX
(please note prices might change all you need to know is adding a 50/50 ratio)
2 – Click one of the links from the left depending on your network, Ethereum mainnet or Polygon network.
3 – provide equal amounts of HTX and ETH depending on price example 0.001 ETH and 1000 HTX.
4 – sign and approve to send liqudity.

Now every time someone sell or buy HTX you gain HTX and ETH or MATIC and ETH if on polygon network.

Removing Liquidity is the same as adding liquidity.

Please choose the correct network


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