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Best Earning Sites and Apps for Passive Income

On this page you will be able to find trusted platforms and referral programs to earn USD, Bitcoin and more, this links are not sponsored and we have studied them well before publishing them.

We will grow this library day after day to help you earn more passive income.

Earning Websites


Earn from faucet, auto faucet, dice, lottery and mining all for free, no deposit needed, you can also use your money to advertise or deposit to advertise your links and sites and gain more referrals.

You can withdraw in Dogecoin, TRX, Bitcoin and more

Minimum Withdraw: $0.5 USD
Platforms: Faucet Website


Receive instant cryptocurrency payments from thousands of faucets for free, you can earn every 5 minutes with no minimum withdraw directly to faucetpay wallet.

Minimum Withdraw: No-Minimum
Platforms: Faucet Website

Earning Apps


Earn from sharing your unused internet bandwidth, or invite friends and let them earn for you, this great earning software works on the background all you need is install it, logon and leave it running.

Minimum Withdraw: $20
Platforms: Windows, Android, MacOS

Cryptotab Browser

A very fast browser that lets you mine while browsing the internet, it’s private, secure, comes with crypto features and pays you while you do nothing, it’s based on Google chrome and all extensions works for it.

Minimum Withdraw: $1
Platforms: All

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