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Earn DGDX Tokens [FREE]

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Today we learn how to easily earn DGDX tokens “Diropia Golden Coins”, lets first explain what is diropia.

Diropia is a decentralized platform for people to ask questions, answer questions and earn reward for that DGDX token.

When you join you get bonus 5 DGDX tokens for free, everyday you login you can earn 0.2 DGDX token.

Every question you ask or answer earn you 0.2 DGDX, every referral earn 0.01 DGDX, more details later.

So simply by logging in 10 days you can withdraw 10 DGDX the minimum withdrawal, but is better to help the site grow by participate and discuss with other users useful crypto projects or life issues or whatever you want.

If this project gets much popular over the years DGDX tokens can be worth high because they are planning to make DGDX the official currency for buying advertising in the website, therefore there will be a big buying demand for DGDX after website popularity raises.

They have more than 3000 memebers and growing, and maybe you are the next member.

Join Diropia and start earning DGDX tokens now.

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