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UPDATE: The project is accepting deposits now and is approved by Payeer.
We are happy to announce a new earning platform, we have notice that many platforms that provides RUB coin investments are in Russian, so we partnered up with 30Roi.com to launch an English version.

This platform gives profit of 15% every 30 HOURS, which is great, the more popular it is, the more deposits, the more earnings you make.

Also make sure to spread the referral link and earn 10% of every deposits they make paid from our reserve.

We have donated 6000 RUBLE coin to fill the project faucet, you can invest from only 10 RUB = $0.16 USD, making it easy for everyone to start earning.

Just follow the steps below for easy earning daily and no minumum automated withdraw this is crazy.

1- First if you do not have a Payeer wallet you need to create an account in Payeer by clicking here.

2- After creating your payeer account please remember your ID and save it somewhere safe because you will need to use it for login to the mining site, payeer is very good and can exchange USD/RUB/BTC/LTC and many more without the need of a bank account.

3- Make sure you have some RUB coins, the Payeer wallet it self can exchange BTC to RUB for you.

4- Create an account using your payeer ID that looks like P10498577 and any password you like, simply by clicking here.

That’s it, create a deposit by writing the amount you want from 10 to 1000 ruble and earn 15% after 30 hours, you can do this as much as you want and have multiple deposits on different times without any problem.

This is not a ponzi, it’s cash distribution and a lending platform, when you deposit older members will get 15% on their deposits as profit, and when 30 hours is done you will earn 15% on top of your deposit as a reward for lending your money, this project can stay online forever and wont shut down like ponzis do.

Regards and we hope that we always come up to you with good earning opportunities.

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