Binance Binabots Airdrop free 2 BBOTS

Exclusive access to hashtrust members, you are the first to get the chance to claim the airdrop before the token launch. What do you need? Metamask connected to Binance Smart Chain. Learn how. A [...]


Web mining is over

Web mining is over, it will be back soon, anyone who have been web mining, your account and hashes and HTX will be available again when we are back. We will be back in one month from now or less, [...]


FREE Web Mining is Back – Instant withdrawals!

Yes you can now use your PC, Phone, Laptop or whatever device with a CPU to mine HTX, as we promised you we have built a fast platform that can take as much miners as possible and also all [...]


It’s not too late to gain ride the dogecoin train, for free too!

You can claim free dogecoin, just set it and forget it with nothing to lose, but hey we always bring you the best programs at hashtrust blog and we are sure many of you already made huge profits! [...]


Kouncoin Partnership & Airdrop free 100 $KOUN

We are happy to announce that Hashtrust will be one of the first tokens to be added to KOUNSWAP and staking pools when Kouncoin project launches, you can claim 100 $KOUN early before anyone else [...]


New blockchain Update, Free Withdrawals Sushiswap

We are happy to announce that Hashtrust HTX is cross chain now and will support Polygon Matic network and Ethereum network at the same time, you have a choice now to send your tokens to your [...]


All old withdraws can be sent now

Hi, We will be sending all old withdraws, so if you withdrawn in the past and still did not get your withdraw yet, first make sure you are using Trust wallet, also make sure you are ready to pay [...]


HTX New Blockchain & Web Mining

We are glad to announce that we will be releasing our own blockchain as soon as next month, this will automate withdrawals and minimize fees to zero fees. Our engineers is working hard to get [...]


News about HTX new blockchain

Dear HTX community, thank you for being loyal for a long time, our developers are working on the new blockchain, wallet and exchange, it should be ready for testing in late 2021. As the old HTX [...]


We are moving away from etheum

This is sad news, hashtrust cannot afford the very high ethereum fees at this point ethereum is just not the way to go, but also we have good news, we are planing to launch our own currency, our [...]