Free $5 to get you started at GrowGreen.bio new investment platform

Invest in agriculture and earn daily, if you don’t have money to deposit you can earn for free by inviting your friends, you earn 7% of each of their deposits that you can withdraw or grow [...]


Mining Fixed

We have fixed mining, it have less ads and no shortlink, we have listened to your emails and fixed the platform, we hope you enjoy mining again.   Regards and happy mining


Hashtrust unlimited daily claim issues and no more payouts

We are very disappointed on hashtrust community, users have been able to claim an unlimited amount of HTX daily and withdrawing and they have easily dropped the price of HTX to 0, no one reported [...]


[Gift from us] Claim $300 USD for free

We are excited to share with you one of the best earning programs right now on the internet, its still new and still profitable, and its giving us a chance to give you a free $300 usd deposit for [...]


New Crypto Earning Platform

You can now earn and withdraw TRX, BTC, ETH, DOGE and more on this new platform that is easy to earn all you need is to claim the faucet, web mining, dice, lottery, and more! no deposit is needed [...]


Extra faucet reward is back!

We have fixed the extra 500 per day faucet now you can earn 1500 HTX per day for sure, on a side note please take a look at HTX price it keeps going up! [...]


Withdrawal limit update

Hi, we have some good and bad news, the good news is HTX price keeps going up and its gaining more attention. The bad news is one of our partners stopped running ads with us, which means we can [...]


Now you earn 1500 HTX per day

The daily earning have been updated to 1000 HTX per day, and the extra earnings is 500 instead of 50, which means you can earn a total of 1500 per day, this means you can now reach the withdrawal [...]


We are live on Binance smart chain

HTX is live on binance smart chain, form now on you can withdraw if you collect only 50,000 HTX instead of 120,000 HTX. Also its now easier to sell or buy HTX from pancakeswap or poocoin on the [...]


Hashtrust Binance Migration

There is great news to our community, hashtrust have been online since 2018 and we are glad that so many did profit from this website at some point, but we have decided that to put value in our [...]