Earn daily Bitcoin bonus without investing anything

We hope you like our new blog posts as we try to help all members earn, we know that most of our community can’t afford or don’t want to put money in something to earn, that is why we [...]


Free Mining of RUB Coins Without investment and conversion to USD

Hi, today we come to you with a new earning platform that allows you to start mining and grow your mining speed slowly without even investing. Just follow the steps below for easy earning daily [...]


Promo: Earn 270,000 USD in 1 Year

We don’t like scams or ponzi and never promoting them, this is a smart contract running on the blockchain, without a middle man so money goes from user to user, think of this like lending [...]


Delayed HTX sent

Delayed HTX were sent today at this tx : https://etherscan.io/tx/0x0442a8900c4bfa78d6433b478dcc5b64f176fbc0da317c3427cfdbcb1ea33e04 This month will be also processed the HTXDIV delayed payment. [...]


HTX Listed on TokenJar.io

We are happy to announce that we started adding HTX to ERC20 exchanges, trying to spread it as much as possible to make it easier for us to join big exchanges like Binance and HitBTC, therefore [...]


New Withdraw System

WARNING: Please request withdrawal again even if you did before! Dear Hashtrust communityWe have implemented a new withdrawal system that is semi-automatic, as you might notice withdrawals before [...]


Bug Fix Update

Dear investors and miners, Sorry if any of you had problems claiming or requesting withdrawal, we have just fixed a problem with the platform and everything is back to normal now. Fixed:1- [...]


Late payment

Dear members and investors, we know that the payouts are late this month, but do not worry, as you know we do payments manually and we have been busy with development of HTX, therefore we expect [...]


An Invitation To Earn Bitcoin

We are happy to announce the opening of a partner site ProofOfTrade.com, our partners uses Proof of Trade technology to earn bitcoin via trading on HitBTC, you can start earning for life by [...]



We sent today last week requests for withdrawal of HTX They were done in 2 batches, here you can see HTX transactions : [...]

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