HTX Withdraw is Only 15000 HTX Horray!

We are happy to announce that the minimum withdraw is only 15000 HTX instead of 50,000 HTX, lets hope this is good news for everyone as it will help attract new miners, don’t forget to tell [...]


FreeRuble Faucet – Free Ruble without Investment

Today we bring a wonderful Russian site that provides free ruble mining simulator game with no investment needed, follow the tutorial to register and start earning for free, it might not be much [...]




New Cryptlocex HTX Trading Pairs & Coming Latoken Launchpad

Hi, we have some good confirmed news and some unconfirmed news today, on cryptlocex HTX have its own market & trading pairs now. https://trade.cryptlocex.com/trade/index/market/htx_eth Also [...]


Tustmine.io 10% OFF Sale Discount on Cloud Mining

We offer 10% discount can be used unlimited times until First of April 2020, so take your chance to cashback 10% on checkout using the coupon code on checkout https://trustmine.io/ : TOTHEMOON [...]


HTX Listed on Binance Sign Petition

We have created a petition to get HTX listed on Binance which is good news for everyone that we finally can enter the big market and more opportunitie to everyone. but without your help we [...]


Hashtrust Bitcoin/ETH/HTX Mining Farm Launch – Trustmine.io

Good news for everyone, we have launched our full dedicated mining farm leasing hardware from big provider Bitmain. (not cooperated). Go to Trustmine.io now You can now mine Bitcoin/Ethereum and [...]


Earn DGDX Tokens [FREE]

Today we learn how to easily earn DGDX tokens “Diropia Golden Coins”, lets first explain what is diropia. Diropia is a decentralized platform for people to ask questions, answer [...]


Hashtrust HTX Listed on McAfeedex, Saturn Network and CoinRanking

Great news for Hashtrust community, you can now trade HTX in McAfeedex at the following link https://mcafeedex.com/#HASH-ETH Also HTX is now listed on Saturn Network [...]


Hashtrust is not a scam

Today we want to write about the rumors circulating around Hashtrust as there is some members calling it a scam. They clearly does not understand Hashtrust, they only care about making some quick [...]

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