News about HTX new blockchain

Dear HTX community, thank you for being loyal for a long time, our developers are working on the new blockchain, wallet and exchange, it should be ready for testing in late 2021. As the old HTX [...]


We are moving away from etheum

This is sad news, hashtrust cannot afford the very high ethereum fees at this point ethereum is just not the way to go, but also we have good news, we are planing to launch our own currency, our [...]


Withdraw Delay Solution

Dear community, The ethereum network is very bad currently and very slow we advice everyone who is mining her or in trustmine.io to not withdraw their HTX until the ethereum gas fees go down. We [...]


July payments list and delay

Hello everyone We are sure you are wondering why you did not get your July 1st-7th payments, but don’t worry your payments are coming and here is the transaction: [...]


Earn Crypto Daily


You can now claim Ethereum

We are happy to announce that you can now claim ethereum every 2 hours on hashtrust, all you need is login and find the claim ethereum button on dashboard, it’s grey as the color of [...]


HTX Listed on Belifex Exchange

We’re proud to announce that Hashtrush has been listed on Belifex DEX Platform. What is BeliFEX? Belifex is a Decentralized Exchange that is built on 0x protocol for ERC-20 compatible [...]


New Dashboard & New Faucet

We have updated the dashboard to make it user friendly by dividing mining and faucet. We have added a new exchange page, click on exchange HTX on dashboard and you will find a list of exchanges [...]


Claim with Popups


Payments are back to normal

From today all payments will take 7 days max as before, we have funded the smart contract to handle the transactions on this expensive times of Ethereum fees. We are also working hard on [...]