Latest HTX withdrawals

We paid today October 11, 2019 the latest HTX withdrawals requests, all info are public so anyone claiming this is a scam can see by yourself here : [...]



We are glad to announce that hashtrust network expanded, we purchased a new site called DIROPIA What is DIROPIA? At Diropia you can turn your ideas into cash, diropia is an social network Q&A [...]


All delayed HTX paid

All delayed HTX were paid. Im asking all users to be calm when they ask for withdrawals, this is a manual work and it require time, also take into consideration we are HUMANS like you and we have [...]


Delayed HTX starting to be paid

We are sorry to all our users for the delayed payments we also had some problems processing all at once so we are doing one by one, all tx are publicly visible to every one and you can track [...]


Hashtrust New Earning Update

All of you noticed a new change in your dashboard. We have added an option to convert your HTX to USD, looking there are no interess from people to trade the token on tokenmom exchange we are [...]


Hashtrust New Way To Earn

HTX will add a new service to earn more HTX, starting Monday 09 September 2019 we will add 6 articles daily about technology news . All you need to do is to CHECK BLOG and read them and stay at [...]



HTX were sent today as we start again our normal working time, all HTX were sent at this tx : https://etherscan.io/tx/0xd6a94a16b021efdeca1dd7a5039e2f2edfe55c2b2a40f0e2aaa264ed2b40f295 New update [...]


The banality with which they hacked the Twitter CEO’s account should make us think – Test Post 1

view_content This is a test post wich we plan to reward users for viewing published content On Friday, August 30, Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter, spent a bad quarter of an hour. In the [...]


All HTX balances updated

All HTX balances are updated from withdrawal, you guys need to understand from withdrawal to update your balances there is an manual process to be done as all memebers who request for withdrawal [...]


HTX sent today, August 8, 2019

All delayed HTX were sent today, August 8, 2019, sorry all for such delay as many of you know i had some health problems now im 100% recovered and back to work harder then before. Thanks to all [...]

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