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An Invitation To Earn Bitcoin

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We are happy to announce the opening of a partner site ProofOfTrade.com, our partners uses Proof of Trade technology to earn bitcoin via trading on HitBTC, you can start earning for life by joining them and referring people via the referral program, the referral program grants you 1-5% profit for life from any investments made.

If you would like to just invest you can also do that, unlike other projects that rely on ponzi to pay it’s members proof of trade is different, they use robots to trade your coins in HitBTC, you can see the orders and trades on a public view accessible to everyone, if they make more than 1% they keep 0.4% and give you back 0.6%, it’s a win win for them and for you.

Lets hope a long life for this project, they get all the approval and support from hashtrust, we are not sponsored to say this but we love Proof of trade!

Because proof of trade uses short trades and trading BTC USDT the profits are kept in BTC, so if you invest for example 1 BTC and will get 1.3 BTC in one month that’s not going to change with the price of USD, you still get 1.3 BTC.

Visit proofoftrade.com – Not affiliate link

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