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All HTX balances updated

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All HTX balances are updated from withdrawal, you guys need to understand from withdrawal to update your balances there is an manual process to be done as all memebers who request for withdrawal are manually verified one by one, then the transaction is sent by smart contract and then again one by one the balances are deducted from your dashboard, its a bit long process by this way is the best to prevent any error, or missuse of requests.

Soon HASHTRUST will revolutionize its mining model, more mining packages coming, and the best part is we are thinking to enable exchanging HTX TO ETHER, so the more HTX YOU HAVE THE MORE ETHER YOU WILL EARN, the only thing wich will not change is MANUAL MINING WILL STILL BE THERE. THANKS TO ALL

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    “y la mejor parte es que estamos pensando en permitir el intercambio de HTX A ETHER” Como venezolano lo digo HASHTRUST de verdad nos esta ayudando y ahora si logran concretar que se pueda cambiar HTX por ETHER nos ayudaran aun mas todavia, gracias……. mil bendiciones para todo tu equipo y para ti.


    very interesting job

  • yvan lm
    yvan lm

    Enjoy , good work

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