You can now claim Ethereum

We are happy to announce that you can now claim ethereum every 2 hours on hashtrust, all you need is login and find the claim ethereum button on dashboard, it’s grey as the color of [...]


HTX Listed on Belifex Exchange

We’re proud to announce that Hashtrush has been listed on Belifex DEX Platform. What is BeliFEX? Belifex is a Decentralized Exchange that is built on 0x protocol for ERC-20 compatible [...]


New Dashboard & New Faucet

We have updated the dashboard to make it user friendly by dividing mining and faucet. We have added a new exchange page, click on exchange HTX on dashboard and you will find a list of exchanges [...]


Payments are back to normal

From today all payments will take 7 days max as before, we have funded the smart contract to handle the transactions on this expensive times of Ethereum fees. We are also working hard on [...]