Earn DGDX Tokens [FREE]

Today we learn how to easily earn DGDX tokens “Diropia Golden Coins”, lets first explain what is diropia. Diropia is a decentralized platform for people to ask questions, answer [...]


Hashtrust HTX Listed on McAfeedex, Saturn Network and CoinRanking

Great news for Hashtrust community, you can now trade HTX in McAfeedex at the following link https://mcafeedex.com/#HASH-ETH Also HTX is now listed on Saturn Network [...]


Hashtrust is not a scam

Today we want to write about the rumors circulating around Hashtrust as there is some members calling it a scam. They clearly does not understand Hashtrust, they only care about making some quick [...]


HTX Staking is now possible -HTX price going up

We have good news for everyone, the last couple of weeks have been exciting for hashtrust as we can see HTX Price is going up on exchanges and more people are trading HTX especially on Cryplocex [...]


HTX Listed on trexexchange.io

HTX is finally listed on https://app.trexexchange.io/ , you can trade 4 pairs HTX/TXTE HTX/FET HTX/USDT HTX/ETH Just notice that Trexexchange is expernincing very high traffic right now, so if [...]


Free Mining of RUB Coins Without investment and conversion to USD

Hi, today we come to you with a new earning platform that allows you to start mining and grow your mining speed slowly without even investing. Just follow the steps below for easy earning daily [...]


Earn daily Bitcoin bonus without investing anything

We hope you like our new blog posts as we try to help all members earn, we know that most of our community can’t afford or don’t want to put money in something to earn, that is why we [...]