HTX Web Browser Mining is Back

We took our experience and your advice to us to launch a new service called TokenMine.club, this service should help solve the problem of web mining we had last time, it’s faster and built [...]


How to turn on Brave Ads and earn BAT with the Brave Browser

Step 1: Download the Brave browser using our promo link. Step 2: Follow the tutorial on this page to enable Brave ads to start earning while you surf! Join Brave Rewards After downloading Brave [...]


Web mining got removed

We are sorry to tell you that web mining got removed, so many users was unable to use it and it caused so much slow down to hashtrust platform, we will add it back in the future when we make sure [...]


Web miner fixed

Sorry for earlier the web miner was not working and the website was slow, we have improved speed and fixed the miner. please clean your browser cache and delete your cookies than login and try [...]


Now you can mine HTX on your browser

We have received many messages from our users confused and want to understand how to mine HTX, some of them suggested the feature of mining HTX in the browser, but the problem was HTX is an ERC20 [...]


Latest HTX withdrawals

We paid today October 11, 2019 the latest HTX withdrawals requests, all info are public so anyone claiming this is a scam can see by yourself here : [...]



We are glad to announce that hashtrust network expanded, we purchased a new site called DIROPIA What is DIROPIA? At Diropia you can turn your ideas into cash, diropia is an social network Q&A [...]


All delayed HTX paid

All delayed HTX were paid. Im asking all users to be calm when they ask for withdrawals, this is a manual work and it require time, also take into consideration we are HUMANS like you and we have [...]


Delayed HTX starting to be paid

We are sorry to all our users for the delayed payments we also had some problems processing all at once so we are doing one by one, all tx are publicly visible to every one and you can track [...]