Introducing Manual Mining

It’s possible now to make 50 HTX to 1000 HTX daily by manual mining, automining have been turned off and it has low rewards anyway, to prevent spam of course. This is the final solution for [...]


HTX Mining Update

Mining will start only when you have balance of 1000 HTX, this is due to spammers collecting multiple accounts, this is done to keep HTX price high in the future and harder to get for spammers, [...]


We have bought cryptoccino.club

We have bought cryptoccino.club decentralized social network, we implemented some of it’s features on this site, anyone from the old site can join Hashtrust.io and claim his CCC Tokens as [...]


Hashtrust.io HTX Wallet for Android & iOS

We have been approved and listed in TrustWallet, you can download it from the play store & apple app store, compatible with all devices. It’s a better alternative to MyEtherWallet or [...]


New Dice Game, New forums and first withdrawals

Hi, We added a dice game, just for fun tho do not take it as an earning opportunity last time I checked dice is addicting and the outcome is loss unless you are really lucky, anyway u can only [...]


Forums & New Achievements

We have added forums to the site, we will add more sections over time as it grows, users will be able to earn by posting and replying to topics, also new achievements added: Most popular Hardcore [...]


Hashtrust.io HTX Decentralized Cloud Mining Airdrop

https://Hashtrust.io is the first project to attempt creating a fully decentralized cloud mining, by creating HTX and ERC20 token that holds hashing power and grows over time, there is 1 billion [...]


Official beta launch & Airdrop

Today 3th June 2019 Hashtrust beta launched, we are starting slow to fix bugs as they come up, currently submitted our token address to etherscan for approval, next step is adding the token to [...]