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Decentralized Stake Mining

With the most trusted & accessible POS stake mining platform to date
possible thanks to HTX first TOKEN that holds hashing power, since 2018 and going strong to the next stage.

Get started for free in 3 simple steps

100% free forever no deposits or payment information needed.

Step 1

Register an account for free

and takes 1 minute, no email verification

Step 2

Earn HTX from joining airdrop.

Step 3

  • Earn from airdrop
  • Stake the free tokens and earn more
  • Earn by referring friends

Earnings can be withdrawn as HTX to Ethereum or Polygon network and exchanged on sushiswap.

We are on Binance Smart chain

HTX Coin Lives in Binance smart chain, which means very cheap transactions and minimal power emissions.

Mining You Can Trust

We are the future of cloud mining, HTX is an ERC20 token, distributed among miners
holds hashing power, it’s completely free with 0 investment our only job is distribute HTX.
Mine HTX, do not trust us, trust the blockchain and the first decentralized token mining platform.
Help HTX Token becomes the best by holding it and sharing the project with your friends.
It’s free money!


No Power or Maintenance Fees

No Hardware


Instant Connection

Detailed Statistics

Road map

  • Token Launch

    1 June 2018

  • Mining & ICO Start


  • Smart Contract Launch

    Jan 2019

  • Hold & Mining

    Hold tokens to earn or start mining for free

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