Decentralized Cloud Mining

With the most trusted & accessible POS cloud mining platform to date
possible thanks to HTX first TOKEN that holds hashing power.

Start earning in 3 simple steps

Step 1

Register an account for free

and takes 1 minute, no email verification

Step 2

claim free 25 HTX from faucet or if you want more hashrate you can simply buy it, but you can earn completely free.

Step 3

  • Earn daily from faucet, or mining rewards.
  • Earn simply by logging in
  • Earn by referring friends
  • Earn from achievements (You will discover them by your self)

Earnings can be withdrawn as HTX or converted to BTC not affecting by USD price so you always win.

Cloud Mining You Can Trust

We are the future of cloud mining, HTX is an ERC20 token, distributed among miners
holds hashing power can be exchanged to  BTC/LTC at no cost,
Mine HTX, do not trust us, trust the blockchain and the first decentralized token mining platform.


No Power or Maintenance Fees

No Hardware Set-up


Instant Connection

Detailed Statistics

Road map

  • Token Launch

    1 June 2018

  • Mining & ICO Start


  • Smart Contract Launch

    Jan 2019

  • Earnings for life

    Website no longer needed will stay for information only, tokens will be mined at users decentralized wallets.

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